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ZL MIX - feed additive for cows

Package : 25 kg

Intended use / indications:

Lameness is determined by various causes that we can divide into two categories: those related to animal welfare and therefore stable management (litter, disinfection, overpopulation) and those related to metabolic errors and related problems such as liver poisoning, unbalanced food rations, low or insufficient mineral supplements, poor quality food, nervousness. In recent years, climate change has also favored the development of cereal fungi in the production of mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are also the cause that is often decisive for pathological problems of the feet of animals.
Product’ s name Dose
ZL MIX Calves 50 g / animal / day prophylactic  for 10 days
ZL MIX  Cows : 100 g/animal/day prophylactic for  7-10 days
Composition: ZL MIX is a mineral supplement with a special composition containing amino acids, chelated minerals such as zinc and yeast. ZL MIX is an innovative feed supplement to reduce lameness and to improve animal performance and health in general. ZL MIX is especially effective when lameness is caused by intoxication with mycotoxins such as fumonisin, zearalenone and DON, dealing with rumen and nutritional disorders, testicular inflammation, tail necrosis, loss of appetite and rumen blocks.