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Meko Pulmix

Meko Pulmix

Preparation for cough for calves in liquid

Packaging: 250 ml bottle Ingredients: glycerine, ethanol extracts of plants (calendula, liquorice, rosehip), propolis.

Intended use / indications:

Preparation for cough for calves in liquid “Meko Pulmix” – a natural composition of herbs for calves with pulmonary problems, i.e., cough, cold. Plant extracts included in the preparation stimulate the immune system, reduce cough symptoms.
Intended use/indications:
  • The preparation supports the treatment of cough in calves, during the cold season.
  • Prevents respiratory diseases
Dose Animals Use instructions
10-30 ml x 1 per day Calves 5-6 days, add to water or milk
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Improves lung ventilation
  • Has an anti-coughing effect
  • Has a supportive effect on respiratory disorders