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Meko Fay Ruminant

Meko Fay Ruminant


        Dosing Instruction :       1-2 kg per ton of feed

Intended use / indications:

Meko Fay  Ruminant ,is a protein optimizer which improves protein turnover. It reduces amino acid wastage and directs proteogenic nutrition to improve performance. It is a natural feed additive that maintains the anabolic state of the animal in isoenergic diets. Benefits :
  • Increase the Fat and SNF in milk
  • Improved Milk Protein : 2 to 3% higher yield.
  • Improved Milk Yield : 4% to 5% increase
  • Improved growth rates and body condition score
  RECOMAST contains Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus acidophilus which has anti- bacterial action against major pathogens like Staphylococci and Streptococci which cause mastitis, metritis and chronic wounds and maintains healthy keratin layer and prevents entry of pathogens in the udder.
      1-2 kg per ton of feed
  • Recommended after antibiotic treatment for faster growth of the lost useful flora.
  • Faster multiplication of the lost milk producing cells in the udder
  • Remove stress and build udder immunity after parturition
  • Effectively prevents mastitis, metritis and retention of placenta