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Meko Chusteczki

Meko Chusteczki

Moistened udder wipes

Application: the wipes are saturated with alcohol and gluconate chloride(disinfectant and preservative), propylene alcoholdihydrogen (moisturizer); allotonic (soothing and cooling agent that has a regenerative and protective effect on the skin).

Intended use / indications:

Moistened udder wipes “Meko Chusteczki” for udder care Udder care wipes for dairy cows arelarge, thin wipes made of high-qualitynon-woven fabric, soaked indisinfectant solution with broad-spectrum action againstbacteria that cause udder inflammation. Designedfor daily care and disinfection directlybefore milking.   Intended use/indications:
  • antimicrobial effect for teats,
  • do not irritate teats and udders,
  • reduce milking time with simultaneous
doza Animals Use instructions
1 wipe cows take the handkerchief out of the box, then clean the udder, throw the used handkerchief into the trash
  • Support pre-milk udder massage
  • Thoroughly clean the teats
  • Prevent transmission of microorganisms