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Bakzym LS


Packaging : 5L, 10L canister.

Intended use / indications:

The active substances contained in the Bakzym LS preparation nourish and stimulate the rapid development of lactic bacteria, which enable the multiplication of aerobic bacteria. The silage process begins almost immediately after the silo is closed. It runs under stable conditions. Purpose of the product / indications: 1) Microbiological additive designed for silage of roughage 2) Intended for silage of maize, alfalfa, grass Creating optimal conditions prevents: heating of the silage, maintains a constant pH, and prevents the growth of mold after opening the silo. Bakzym LS improves silage parameters, i.e. benefits: 1) Bakzym affects the maintenance of the correct pH in the silage (correct values ​​3.7-4.2), prevents the silage from heating up. 2) Prevents the silage from molding when the silo is opened. 3) Lowers ammonia content: 4) Ammonia content in relation to total nitrogen should be between 8-12% 5) It reduces the ethanol content in the silage
doza przeznaczenie instrukcja użycia
5L / 20L wody / 10T ziarna kukurydza – całe ziarno polane ziarno rozdrobnić, otrzymaną biomasę umieścić w silosie, mocno ugnieść i przykryć szczelnie folią, obciążyć
5L / 95L wody / 1T masy roślinnej kukurydza – całe rośliny, trawy (sianokiszonka) polać każdą warstwę masy roślinnej w ilości 5 – 7L na tonę masy roślinnej, uformować silos i szczelnie przykryć folią
  • The ethanol level should be 0.5-1%. 1) Preservation of dry matter and nutritional values 2) Improvement of feed palatability (animals are more likely to consume feed, which affects the quality of milk) 3) The bioactive molecules contained in the silage act as “probiotics” in the animal’s digestive system, stabilizing the work of the entire digestive system.