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Preparation for cough and cold for calves.

Packaging: 0,5kg,1kg – bag Ingredients: Calcareous algae, products derived from the processing of herbs (lucerne, meadowsweet, pot marigold, star anise, oregano, barley, molasses, sodium chloride).

Intended use / indications:

Antigrip – Ganule, provides a natural protective shield, necessary for the safe existence of animals in their environment, which is a barn full of bacteria and viruses. The product is used for flu conditions, viral infections. A mixture of plant extracts with high health-promoting activity, beneficially affects the natural defines mechanisms of the animal body, reduces high fever, fights cough and other symptoms of infection. A unique composition of this product: Meadowsweet – has antipyretic properties (thanks to the contained, natural, salicylates), Star anise – exhibits a diastolic, anti-inflammatory effect, Common lily – rich in natural micro- and macro-elements as well as vitamins, replenishes the missing components necessary to restore balance to the entire immune system. Achieving immune balance unlocks the animal’s body’s natural ability to effectively combat pathogenic viruses.
Intended use/indications:
  • The product supports the treatment of influenza and colds in calves, and adult cattle during the autumn and winter
  • Supports the cleansing of the respiratory tract
  • Prevents the growth of microorganisms in the respiratory system
  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect
  Analytical constituents: Crude protein – 9.85% Crude fat – 2.10% Crude fibre – 8.53% Crude ash – 29.00% Calcium – 8.06% Phosphorus – 0.17% Sodium – 2.2% Magnesium – 1.1%
Dose Animals Use instructions
50 g Calves 3-5 days, apply into the feed or into the mouth
150g Cows 3-5 days, apply into the feed or into the mouth
  • A potent anti-viral preparation
  • Exhibits antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and mucolytic activity
  • Has a disinfectant and cleansing effect on the respiratory system
  • Strengthens the immune system of weakened animals
  • Increases stress resistance especially in calves
  • Boosts appetite